He had it coming!

Heaven’s Rage opens like an episode of CSI, but quickly turns into a profound and eye-opening look at the nature of abusive relationships. Wrapped in an entertaining murder mystery, Sacramento author Tiffany Craig Brown digs deep, with story after story of the verbal and physical abuse suffered by several women and children at the hands of the man whose murder is being investigated. As the detectives begin to sympathize with the suspects, the list of women hurt by the dead man grows. Before ending with an ironic twist, Brown pulls in other abusers and their victims to paint a picture of the reality facing too many women and children. She underscores the role of child abuse in breeding new generations of abusers. Heaven’s Rage serves women well as a map to the warning signs of abuse at the beginning of a relationship, hopefully preventing yet another tragic story like the ones depicted here.

- Sacramento News & Review

Revenge at its finest!

The flow of the novel is superb because it's got the "I-can't-put-it-down!" quality, with perfect transitions and breaks in all the right spots. . . Heaven's Rage is evidence that Tiffany Craig Brown has amazing talent hands-down, and as a reader you won't be disappointed!

- DreamworldBooks

A fascinating read well worth embracing

All it takes is one man to ruin many lives. "Heaven's Rage" follows Detective Ian Buchanan, who is assigned to find out who is responsible for the murder of Richard Tate. But with such a personality as Dick's, Ian soon learns that the list of suspects is long and there are plenty of women scorned. A riveting tale of wronged love and the need for revenge and why it can be hard to hate a murderer, "Heaven's Rage" is a fascinating read well worth embracing.

- Midwest Book Review

Great characters, engaging story, well written

I don't usually read murder mysteries, but I very much enjoyed this book. There was very good character development, something that I feel is essential for a good read. In the case of the victim in this story, I felt it became a character *study*, and that was quite fascinating. I thought the author did a very good (clever, actually) job of bringing out the histories of the victim's past relationships with various women. I was never confused by the time line of the story, even though it went back and forth from present to past. Very well done. I'll look for this author's work again! 


Could have come from today's headlines

I purchased this book back in August but did not have the chance to read it until this past weekend. It was worth the wait! Ms Brown does a fantastic job of building this story by telling it through the various characters that include an old girl friend, three ex-wives and two detectives that have instincts that we see every week on shows like NCIS and CSI. I personally couldn't put it down and read it in one sitting. The cast of characters and the plot could have come out of today's headlines, the difference here is that Ms Brown's exceptional writing allows you to feel the agaony that Richard Tate caused each of his vicitims and the ending is totally unpredictable. When you purchase this book save it for dessert, finish anything else you are reading before starting this one because it will capture your full attention in the first three pages and if you are a true lover of the who-done-it type of stories you will not be able to put it down. Bravo to Ms Brown, I am waiting with baited breath for her next novel!

        - Ernest R. Parent Jr

Very convincing characters, good plot!

Once I got into this book, I had trouble putting it down. The characters were very well developed and convincing. The author has a lot of insight into the narcissistic/sociopathic personality type as well as the reactions relatively healthy people have when involved with them. The author kept me guessing as to "who dunnit?" up until the end. Am looking forward to her next novel.
- S. Phillips

Crime story with a twist

Motive is the driving force behind murder. I know this because I'm a retired federal law enforcement officer . . .

In telling this crime story, author Tiffany Craig Brown entrusts the reader into a role of a detective. The reader follows Detective Buchanan into the crime scene and when he tracks down the first person of interest, Tate's third wife, Gina Rodriquez, the third-person narrative form shifts to her point of view, allowing the reader to survey her world from her mind, uncluttered by the detective's thoughts and opinions. This structure is carried throughout the novel. The chapters of Buchanan's investigation act as a framework encasing the heart of the story, the chronicle of Tate's life as told by his past lovers. Meg McAllister, Jordan Campbell, Coleen Morgan--all three other women reveal layer by layer Tate's aberrant character. So, like a detective, the reader can form his or her own thoughts and opinions. What was the victim like? Who is the viable suspect? What is the motive?

If Tiffany Craig Brown's intent in adopting this construction was in her hope that the reader would come, through his or her own judgment of facts, to the same conclusion that Detective Buchanan reaches at the end, then the author has succeeded with this reader. As Buchanan felt, I did not feel sorry for the victim. Dick Tate had it coming. He deserved it. But on the other hand, I felt compassion for the killer. The killer in my mind, as was in the mind of Buchanan, became the true victim.    If you like a crime story with a twist, Heaven's Rage might be what you're looking for.
- MonoKaki

Heaven's Rage - good read!

A former helicopter pilot is found deader than a doornail ... and homicide Detective Ian Buchanan is in charge of the investigation. Buchanan's problem? Too many suspects! Dick (appropriate name, by the way) Tate's three ex-wives have good reason to want him dead.

Another problem for Buchanan: he begins to see Tate as something other than a victim. The murdered man was NOT a nice guy. So how does a detective maintain professionalism when he sympathizes with the suspects?

"Heaven's Rage" takes the reader through the investigation and you hear each ex-wife's story of her marriage to Tate, and you find that each one had motive and opportunity to kill him. So ... which one is guilty?

The characters (especially the ex-wives) are well developed and, as the story progressed, I didn't even care who murdered Tate ... I was actually glad karmic justice finally caught up with him. Tiffany Craig Brown's murder mystery takes a good look at spousal abuse and I found myself becoming increasingly impatient with the ex-wives. Why stick with a man like Tate? That, in fact, is the only problem I had with the book. I kept thinking, "Just get him the hell out of your life - NOW!" But this is actually a good look at the battered wife syndrome.

The story moves quickly with a few real good twists and turns ... and the ending leaves me wanting a sequel featuring more about Ian Buchanan.

- Maryann Watkins

Very intriguing!

I found this story very intriguing as it covered domestic violence as well as military life. I learned quite a bit about the traps of physical and emotional abuse through this novel. The emotional complexities of the three ex wives and and girlfriend of the murder victim were described in a fair, though not overwhelming amount of detail. The author laid the groundwork for motives and built her story around them. She very creatively wove her characters and their relationships together, and the conclusion is amazing. Heaven's Rage is easy to pick up and read and was very educational as well as very suspenseful.

-  lalajosan

Praise for Heaven's Rage

This novel is cleverly written, exciting, and ultimately entertaining. Brown is able to tap a real and sobering issue while providing a clever plot for the reader that culminates in a surprise ending.

- Paul Clark

What a wonderful read!

Brown has a unique ability to grab the reader's attention and hold it. As a homicide investigator, I've found the characters genuine and applaud the authors ability to mirror real life action in her novel.

- K.C. Vendetta

Can't put this one down!

This was a really good read. Hard to put it down....and when I managed, the characters accompanied me as I went about my business! Ms. Brown has managed to create a very concise picture of a fundamentally evil character, but one for whom you can also feel compassion, as you grow to understand WHY he became such a poor excuse of a man. I can't wait to read her next book!

- Holly B. "Lightshiner"

Great Mystery!

If you love a good murder mystery/suspense book I would definitely recommend Heavens Rage. I am an avid reader and usually enjoy reading two books at a time.....and two books a week. With Heavens Rage I couldn't do a "double read". A lot of things going on and never a dull moment. It grabbed my attention as soon as the "suspects" were being introduced. I am anxious to read more books by Tiffany Craig Brown.

- Jo A. Reed

Disturbing but well written

This is a well thought out who done it mystery.  The story and many characters are well developed.  The child and spousal abuse can be difficult to take.

- "Manofsixties" (Queens NY)

Fast paced and engrossing

Tiffany Craig Brown has created interesting character studies interwoven with a fast-paced mystery. Heaven's Rage draws you in and makes it hard to stop until the story is resolved. Well done!

- V. Heimerich

A character you love to hate!

This book is an amazing read. Ms. Brown developed believable characters and wove a plot that pulled you into the lives of the characters. She illustrates the archetypical protagonist and antagonist with a surprising twist in the end. Hollywood should be listening as this would be a great movie that has many relatable characters. I'm anxiously looking forward to her next book.

- Tomi F.


Loved this book - hated this man! From the first page I was hooked. The twists and turns really kept it interesting and I felt real empathy for the women who had to deal with this man, I wanted to kill him myself! The ending was a true surprise. Ms Brown is a very talented writer, I look forward to her next book.


I love a good mystery, and this was a great mystery! Often I can figure out `who dunnit,' but the twist at the end surprised me. Brown weaved an intricate and compelling story - I really felt for the women damaged by this villain and thought Brown did an excellent job in developing their characters. The only thing that made their pain bearable was that the book opened with Richard Tate's death, so I had a smug satisfaction of justice from the beginning.  Looking forward to Brown's next novel.
-Laura in New York

Great Novel!

"Heaven's Rage" is a wonderful story that captures the emotions of the characters. A very believable story with a real twist for the ending. Ms. Brown has created a great novel for her first and I look forward to her next book. The forensic details and locations were well described and researched creating a real sense of being there. Congrats on a great first novel! Highly recommended reading!

-  Barbara Foster


This is the first book that I finished in a long time! My life is very busy with little time for leisure reading. If I pick up a book, it has to hook me right away. Heaven's Rage was right on the mark. It captivated my attention from the first to the very last page. It is a novel that you won't be able to put down once you start reading. I look forward to the author's next novel.
- D.G.

Heaven's Rage will be a blockbuster hit movie!

It's difficult to believe that this is fiction; you just can't make this stuff up. Heaven's Rage continues to haunt a place somewhere deep within me, although it's been several weeks since I've finished the book.

I actually suffered with three of the women whose lives were tortured by their mutual prince charming. I wanted to scream each time it occurred to me that the story's events probably happened. Tiffany Craig Brown's gut-wrenching characature of Dick Tate is vile enough to make readers beg for mercy for the women and children's lives he's terrorized. Ms. Brown amps up their motives page after page as she weaves yet another crazed act into the lives of Dick Tates's victims, providing justication for whatever it takes to escape his dark side. Heaven's Rage is the painful reminder that abused women everywhere will do anything to survive their ugly realities--the rage they endure every day, every night--the hope they manage to find within themselves to face each morning, and the courage it takes to crawl out of a hole so deep that only one desperate enough to save herself and her children, can.

Once this twisted tale was solved (Woah!), I felt equally justified in ignoring my entire life for two successive days to find out how it all spiraled beyond what I could have imagined. Congrats to the author for NAILING a completely unexpected conclusion!

In my opinion, Ms. Brown's most salient characters, Jordan, Meg and Dick, warrant their own expanded story; now that we know what happened, readers like myself need to understand this bizzare and complex relationship at it's core.

Bottom line: I won't be completely satisfied until I read the sequel.  5 stars for getting my attention!

- Barbara Chalmers

Draws you into a world of abusive relationships, September 9, 2010

I thoroughly enjoyed Ms. Brown's debut book and look forward to the next. She really created the feeling of what it would be like to be trapped in a bad marriage and gave me a glimpse of the shock of domestic violence. I love books that can bring up my emotions and I felt uncomfortable and enraged for each of the women and wished someone would stop that guy. I had no clue as to how the story would end, which shows it's a good mystery. Thank you Ms. Brown!
-  Lee Ann Horneck

"Heaven's Rage" - the author's first book,

Heaven's Rage is a story of love & hope & regret; not once but over & over. It's a story of evil, of someone who thinks only of himself & what he wants, until he's done & then goes forward. The author goes back & forth with the story, hooking you, making you feel like you were there. She fills your mind with every page until you feel the hurt & the rage & the desire for closure or revenge. This is a story that makes you feel like it really happened. It'a a book you don't want to put down until you have finished. It's a book that men & women will both want to read. It's a book you won't want to miss.
  - Janice Lee

This was an excellent read! Couldn't put it down. You get drawn into each woman's life and feel real empathy for them and lose whatever feelings you started with for the "victim." Couldn't wait to get to the end to see who actually did it--Great ending too! Can't wait for the next novel!

- Liz62

Enjoyable, easy reading

Enjoyable reading, would recommend to friends who like mysteries. Plenty of suspects to try to figure out, perfect book for my Kindle Fire!

- Presley's Dad

Great Read!

I highly recommend this book. I personally related to the subject matter on many levels. Especially how people can become involved in toxic relationships. I also related to the strength found in the love of family and their support. Finally there is a great twist in the end. GREAT READ!

- sweeney

I bet you can't guess who did it!

More than a who-done-it type mystery, Heaven's Rage explores who is really the victim. The reader is taken back in time through 4 pairs of eyes to reveal the details of their troubled past. Each new narrative leaves you guessing but are so compelling in and of themselves that you almost forget to wonder, who is the murderer(ess).
- Noelleigh

An Insight

I am drawn to the mysteries of what makes people tick- and this book weaves a good tale of intrigue. There are so many ways women are abused and this book gets to the core of the most primal variety of abuse. The psychological web it weaves is compelling as well- it lends to sympathy and interest as to how all of the women in this book were portrayed. The chapters paint pictures of several very different women with the same weakness for the primary player in this book. And HE thought he could get away with murder-this is a twist of fate tale well penned.
       - terryberry

Definitely a Winner!

From the first page, Brown grabs your attention and will not let go. All the ex-wives fall for Price Charming at first but are so abused by him that naturally they would all become murder suspects. At the end it feels like he got what he deserved but he was a victim himself. Sadly, I'm sure this vicious cycle is happening every day in real life. Written with descriptive imagery that's believable. I'm looking forward to Ms Brown's next book.

- J.V.B.

Wonderful mystery!

I am not normally an avid reader, but from the first sentence Ms. Brown grabbed my attention! This book ran the gamet of emotions - disgust, sadness, pity, rage - and the surprise ending brought them all together. I can't wait to read Ms. Brown's next novel!

        - Nancy Riggins

Excellent Read!

An excellent novel that keeps your attention from the beginning and does not let it go! The development and insight into the characters is wonderful and keeps the story going at a good crisp pace. This is an excellent read, and I look forward to future novels from this wonderful author.

Heaven's Rage is the only book I've finished this year and for good reason. Tiffany Craig Brown has captured the emotional turmoil that is domestic abuse. The four women portrayed are all different and from different backgrounds to remind us that domestic abuse can happen to any woman. Well written mystery that had me hoping the four women conspired to do a group murder.  Excellent first novel!
- Lynne

Just read HEAVEN'S RAGE and loved it. It is one of those books you can't put down just want to find out what will happen next.  The author paints a picture with words so well you feel you are right there.

- Robert E. "Bob"

A terrific read!

Heaven's Rage has great character development, a plot that carries you along, and a lot of interesting background information. I especially liked the character treatment (and emphasis) of the suspects and their relationships with the murder victim.

- Larry Clark

A real page-turner!

Heaven's Rage offers a well-researched and intricate plot that grabs you from the first page. I love the author's unique approach in that she turned a dramatic story into a great mystery that keeps you on the edge of your seat. The characters were well-developed and believable and the writing provided brilliant imagery. This was definitely a page-turner. I enthusiastically recommend this book!

- Emma Minchew, "Frenchie"

Great Read!

Great murder mystery! The human emotion really comes through, I loved the characters and it was a well thought out plot. I was hooked on the very first page and could not put it down.

- "Jane"


A great Book! It keeps you thinking all the time. I am usually pretty good at figuring out the ending, but this one had me going all the way to the end.  It would be a great movie!
- "Daryl"

Just found a new favorite author!

I received this book as a gift and am very grateful to the friend who gave it to me. This mystery reminds me of some of Baldacci's early work, also a bit like James Patterson. It's one of those books that grabs you in the first chapter and is hard to put down. The author's writing style is very descriptive and really puts you "in the moment". I thought I had the mystery all figured out but was surprised by the major twist at the end. Great read. Highly recommended!

- Jesse Miller

Heaven's Rage is a Winner

It is a realistic story that needed to be told. But the author turned it into a gripping murder mystery that is complex and totally enthralling. She keeps you guessing from the first page to the very end of this thriller, yet keeps you hanging in suspense through all the manifestations of the victims' lives with a plot that is intricate and well researched. It's an excellent first-time effort; Brown is a compelling story teller. I look forward to her next book.

- Kimberly Scott Robb

Won't Disappoint!

I read this novel in one sitting. Putting it down would have been like turning off a movie right in the middle. I loved the unique way the author unravels the past and grabs the readers emotions.........things aren't always as they seem! Looking forward to her next one!

"Pennsylvania Scholtsky's Lover"
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